Deaf and Partially Blind Dog and 3-Year-Old Girl Found in Forest

April 23, 2018

Last Friday, a 3-year-old girl went missing in Australia. She and her family live in a heavy terrain area surrounded by mountains and trees.


According to police, Aurora went missing at around 3 p.m. after she had wandered off from her home near Warwick on Queensland's Southern Downs. The missing child prompted over 100 people to help search for her.


After 15 hours of searching, the toddler and her deaf and partially blind 14-year-old dog Max were found in the forest just one mile away from her home, according to State Emergency Services Area Controller Ian Phipps.



“The area around the house is quite mountainous and is very inhospitable terrain to go walking in, so she’d traveled quite a distance with her dog that was quite loyal to her,” Phipps told ABC News.


Leisa Bennett, Aurora's grandmother, said that she was hollering up the mountain in hopes her granddaughter would answer. She faintly heard Aurora's reply.


“I shot up the mountain, and when I got to the top, the dog came to me and led me straight to her,” Bennett said.



"He never left her sight. She smelled of dog; she slept with the dog," Bennett continued.


Aurora was found Saturday at 8 a.m. with her devoted dog, Max.


"The search was actually quite hard where the volunteers and the police were, amongst the very steep slopes full of lantana and other vegetation," Phipps said.


Aurora was found with minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions, but she is otherwise doing just fine.


The Queensland Police Department has declared Max as an honorary police dog and has welcomed him to the force after saving Aurora's life.


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