Boater Uses Powerful Jet Boat to Put Out Grass Fire

August 01, 2017

A pair of boaters used quick thinking and their powerful boat to extinguish a brush fire in Canada this weekend. Tasha Hunt and Koyne Watson were taking their jet boat out for a spin on the Thompson River in British Columbia, Canada when they spotted a grass fire burning on the banks of the river.

Watch their ingenious actions in this video that was shared on Facebook:

It took them a few tries but eventually they got the right angle of attack to extinguish the flames. Their jet boat ended up being a perfect way to throw water on the fire as it sucks up and shoots water back to drive the boat forward instead of the usual propeller driven engine, which would have made a big splash and that’s it.

The massive rooster tail created by the jet boat was all it took to douse the flames. Who would have thought!

Wildfires are incredibly dangerous and are caused by human activity 90% of the time. Every year, an average of 1.2 million acres of US forests are burned by wildfires.

This particular fire was in a dry area of British Columbia, Canada and could have spread extremely quickly. The largest wildfire recorded in North American history was in 1825 when over 3 million acres burned in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.