Bone Treats Can Kill Your Dog—Find out How to Keep Them Safe

November 30, 2017

When I was growing up, there was one way that my family started our Christmas mornings every year—we would let the dog open the first gift—a dog bone. It was a great way to share the joy of the day with him (and also get him out of the way so we could eat our food in peace). According to the latest release from the FDA, though, bone treats probably aren’t the best option for your dog.

According to the FDA’s report, bone treats “differ from uncooked butcher-type bones because they are processed and packaged for sale as dog treats.” These treats can cause all sorts of terrible illnesses—and even death—for your dog.

Some of the illnesses reported to the FDA by dog owners and veterinarians can include gastrointestinal obstruction, choking, cuts and wounds in the mouth or on the tonsils, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from the rectum, and/or death.

According to the report, “Approximately fifteen dogs reportedly died after eating a bone treat.” If this information isn’t scary enough, the FDA also received seven reports of product problems, including moldy bones, and treats splintering.

It’s hard to say no when you know how much your dog loves their bones, though, right? Well there are plenty of other treats that are available that are safer for your dog to eat. If you’re not sure what would be good for your pet, talk with your veterinarian about what is safe.

With any new treat or chew toy, always supervise your dog to ensure that they aren’t swallowing large pieces and that the treat is safe for them. If something seems off about how your dog is acting, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian.

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