DAY 4: Rescuers In Frantic Race Against Clock To Save 2-Year-Old Trapped In 350-Foot Well. Heartbroken Parents 'Praying For Angel’

January 17, 2019

Ever since the tragic news broke that a two-year-old boy had tumbled into a 350-foot well during a family picnic, the entire world has stood transfixed at the unfathomable situation. With each somber report coming out of the south coast of Spain, more and more people are being drawn into the terrible drama as it unfolds.

Every parent sees his or her own child inside that well, and feel the pain that the mother and father of little Julen are experiencing.

More than 100 rescue workers and firefighters have been frantically working around the clock to try to get a two-year-old out of a well into which he tumbled on Sunday afternoon. Hope that he will be retrieved is waning after more than three days with no sign of the boy.

“Julen Rosello, whose name has also been spelled ‘Yulen,’ was out with his parents preparing for a picnic on Sunday in Totalan, off of Spain’s southern coast, when he slipped into a borehole after wandering away from the couple,” the Associated Press reported.

DNA testing performed on hairs found near the entrance of the tunnel confirms that the boy is inside the crater. It is believed that the toddler tumbled more than 350 feet before coming to a stop. The widest part of the tunnel is 15 inches, far too narrow for an adult to pass through.

The Washington Post reports that "Julen fell into a possibly unmarked hole bored by someone searching for a spot to dig a well, authorities have said. The hole is 360 feet deep, but only 15 inches at its widest spot — big enough for a toddler to slip into, but not his parents or rescuers racing against a ticking clock."

The team has had their share of obstacles during the harrowing mission.

According to the Daily Mail, "there is a blockage about 250 feet beneath the surface, perhaps caused by a mini-landslide as the boy tumbled. Around that depth, the hole gets slimmer, too small for even the robot to get past.

"A camera lowered into the well has failed to capture any sound or images indicating if the boy is dead or alive, although a blockage which is thought to be a small landslide has been spotted 250ft down."

Rescuers did discover a bag of sweets that Julen was holding when he fell along the inside was of the crater, but no signs of the boy, himself.

A relative reported that he heard the boy cry seconds after he disappeared down the hole, but no one has heard any signs of life since shortly after the accident.

Prayer warriors from around the world are sending their best wishes to the family, and hope their encouragement will help sustain them in this terrible time.

“A two-year-old boy has been trapped for 2 days inside a deep narrow well in Southern Spain.

"Let's RETWEET this message across the whole world in the hope that our hearts and prayers can make a much-needed miracle happen.”

“This poor 2-year-old boy Yulen. Sending love to his parents, in hope that he is rescued immediately 💔 - Huge rescue attempt after boy falls down 100‑metre well in Spain”

Today we are all julen.el small child trapped in a well since Sunday. a 2-year-old boy who needs all our prayers to make a miracle and rescue him alive, whole Spain prays for you little yulen.@LanaParrilla @sean_m_maguire @Mariska @bexmader #julen.#hope.🇪🇸😢🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

Will you add your prayers to the mountain of pleas going up to Our Heavenly Father? The famiy and the rescuers can use all the support they can get.

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