Boy Noticed Girl Start Her Period On Bus; His Reaction Is Going Viral

October 24, 2018

For most adolescent girls, starting a period is no fun, especially when on a school bus. Unfortunately, it happened to this one girl. A teenage boy noticed a girl had a red stain on the back of her pants, but what he did next is going viral.

Sadly, this world is a mess. There is so much hate and way too much bullying in school's these days. Thankfully, there are still good kids and good parents out there trying to set positive examples.

One afternoon, a school bus was transporting kids home when a boy noticed a girl with a stain on the back of her pants. She started her period. Adding to the already uncomfortable situation, she was in front of her peers in a small, confined place making this situation even more difficult.

For the girl, her soon-to-be embarrassing moment was eased when a boy was quick to help her out. The girl's mother in the Gurgaon Moms Facebook page shared the incident:

"My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today. A boy a year older than her... that she doesn't really know... pulled her aside and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of her pants and gave her his sweater to tie around her waist so she could walk home off of the bus."

The mother went on to praise the young boy and thanked him for his kind-heartedness. She went on to say that his mother is "raising him right."

"She said she was kind of embarrassed and originally said it's okay... but the boy insisted and told her, 'I have sisters, it's all good!' If you are this boy's Mom... I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!!"

"We hear so many bad things about today's youth, and I wanted to share something positive!" the mother continued.

What do you think about what this young man did? Do you think we need more kids like him? Let us know your thoughts!