Boy With Down Syndrome Finally Meets His Baby Brother But Watch What He Does Next That Is Causing This Video to Go Viral

June 26, 2018

Last year, Kent arrived at the hospital to meet his baby brother. Thankfully, Kent's grandmother captured the entire moment on camera.

Kent has Down Syndrome, but that doesn't stop him from running down the hospital hall to welcome his newborn brother. His kind soul is quickly noticed in the video below as he rushes towards the delivery room.

“My Grandson Kent is the most loving boy in the world; he will be five this summer," Kent's grandmother wrote. "Kent also has Down Syndrome."

"We were just blessed with little Noah on March 2nd. Kent’s reaction to seeing his little brother for the first time is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a very long time. True Love!” she continued.

Kent ran as fast as his little legs would allow, carrying a blue teddy bear. He was excited to meet a very special someone in his mother's hospital room.

The new big brother was lifted into his mother's bed and when he saw Noah, he was beaming. Finally, his mother placed his baby brother in his lap. Kent's tenderness and kindness shined brightly when he locked eyes with Noah.

Then he does the most adorable thing! He tickles his baby brother's tiny feet causing him to giggle. The pure joy seen in this adorable child is everything. 

Check Out The Video Below:

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