Boy With One Arm Wants to Pay It Forward to the Veterans Who Helped Him

November 16, 2017

When Austin Osner was born, he was missing a part of his right arm. Austin, now 12-years-old, has continually had a positive attitude, though.

His goal is to be able to compete in Taekwondo in the 2024 Paralympic Games. Though he is determined, he has struggled with his disability.

Austin’s mother, Kristin McGinn decided to send him to a softball camp to help him conquer his struggle. This camp was the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team camp for kids. This camp is for children who are missing limbs. It helps them learn how to play baseball and also interact with others like them.

Veterans from Wounded Warriors serve as the trainers for this camp. The kids are able to see role models of people who are able to continue to play baseball even though they’ve lost limbs.

Austin apparently had an amazing experience at the camp. He shared, “It was good to meet other people like me, and we got to see exactly what other people did, and we learned from each other.”

Austin loved the camp so much that he wanted to be able to do something for the Wounded Warrior’s baseball team. They are bringing the team to Austin’s home in Butler County, Ohio. They will be playing in a tournament next summer.

Austin and his mother are also setting up a “warrior breakfast” for the team. Local children with missing limbs will also be invited to the breakfast. Watch this video of Austin’s journey.

Austin shared that he is using this as a time to pay it forward. “They aren’t just somebody that’s missing an arm. They can also be something big. Being an inspiration is a big thing to me because I get to inspire the people, and that’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.”

Austin is an incredible inspiration for us all! We look forward to seeing him compete in 2024!

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