2-Year-Old Boy Without Pulse for 45 Minutes: In Coma Clinging to Life

February 28, 2018

A Tennessee family is on a roller coaster after their two-year-old boy nearly drowned in a pool. Eric Easterwood and his wife experienced the worst day of their lives after pulling their son's lifeless body from the water.



"When they pulled him out he was blue and purple, had no pulse, wasn't breathing," Eric said of his son, Jackson. "In my opinion, I'm not a doctor, but he was dead."


This is every parent's worst nightmare. Life can change in an instant, especially with children.



The family realized their toddler had gone missing. When they realized that, they scrambled; searching the house high and low. Then they went outside and saw the worst thing possible: their son's lifeless body floating in the pool.


Apparently, Jackson had been in the pool for five minutes and he did not have a pulse for 45 minutes during the entire incident.



"At first they didn't see anybody in the pool, but it was because he was in an odd angle in the pool," Eric said.


Eric also said that the reason his son is still alive today is that one of his family members is trained in CPR. While the family member was trying to sustain Jackson, Morgan County deputies arrived on the scene and airlifted the boy to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham.


According to Brad Easterwood, Jackson is in a medically induced coma and is asking for a miracle. Right now, it's a "waiting game."




"My boy's brain is damaged," Eric said in a Facebook post. "They don't know how much of him will come back to us. I miss his voice. I wish I would have recorded it more so I could hear it now. He had the most unique ability to make you laugh."




Please pray for this family as they have endured so much in the past few days. There is a Facebook page designated for their son: "Team Jackson" if you'd like to share your prayers.




In another post by Eric, he writes:


"Dear God, please let him say daddy again. He can’t come to you yet, he can’t leave this Earth before me. I know that’s selfish. Why couldn’t I be in a hospital bed? Why does it have to be him? He’s so innocent, please let me switch places with him. I’m supposed to protect him, please let me be in pain for him."

On March 3, an update was posted saying, unfortunately, there have been no improvements. Jackson picked up an infection and the family is unsure of what it is. 

On March 5, Jackson was supposed to be taken off the ventilator and see how he would do. Hours later, an update appeared on their Facebook page that the doctors were unable to do it because he had yet another episode of "storms," which are uncomfortable symptoms like elevated body temperature, increased heart-rate, and perspiration. 


It comes with great sadness to have to update this article today. Sweet, little Jackson has passed away. According to the Facebook post, Jackson passed away late last night. 

"We were hoping for a miraculous miracle and Jackson fought a good fight. I hate to say that he lost the battle tonight. We did not get the miraculous miracle we hoped for but there were miracles," the post said. 

"I will forever miss his smile, laugh and his mischievous look. As we say goodbye to our precious little Jackson, keep praying. Look for God’s love everywhere and show His love to all. Keep praying for miraculous miracles."


Our prayers are with Jackson's family.


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