6-Year-Old Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises $7,000 for Family of Fallen Deputy

March 13, 2018

Business is booming at 6-year-old Malachi Fronczak’s lemonade stand. Since he opened his business last week, he has made over $7,000.


Why would an Indiana elementary school kid’s lemonade stand be raking in so much money? All of his refreshing profits are going to the family of deputy Jacob Pickett, who was shot and killed in the line of duty last Friday.




At the memorial for Pickett, many people left gifts and items of respect. Malachi left a handwritten note and a bottle of lemonade.



“He wants to be a police officer when he grows up,“ said Malachi’s dad Jason. “He is excited to sell lemonade because it is how he can serve and help others right now.”


Malachi first started his lemonade stand three years ago and insisted that police officers, firemen, and first responders get free cups.


Last summer, he learned that his police heroes could die in the line of duty when Southport Officer Aaron Allen was murdered while responding to a car crash.


Malachi was thinking of ways he could make things better and asked his parents if his lemonade stand, “Malachi’s Magnificent Lemonade,” could raise money for the officer’s family. He raised over $2,000 and stood with the officers at the funeral and saluted the fallen deputy.




“Just seeing his heart, and how it affects others, is amazing,” said Jason. “He has taught me to look for opportunities around us to help others and show love.”


Since the March weather in Indiana might be a little too cold for a crisp glass of lemonade, Malachi sells his lemonade indoors at public places like the local library.


What do you think of budding non-profit entrepreneur Malachi and his lemonade stand? Who else thinks we need more kids like him?



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