Beloved Country Music Superstar To Welcome 2nd Child In 2019: Watch Adorable Gender Reveal

March 26, 2019

Fans all over the world are cheering the fantastic news: Beloved singer-songwriter Brantley Gilbert revealed that he and his wife Amber are expecting their second child in September.

The news broke to the public shortly after the family of three performed an adorable gender-reveal ceremony in front of family, friends - and People magazine reporters!

The happy couple's new addition will join big brother, 16-month-old Barrett, who was on hand to help reveal the gender of his new sibling. Not sure if he really understands how his life is about to change, but he was a good sport anyway.

Before the reveal, Amber explained that her best friend and the friend’s mom packed the box, so no one in the family - including Amber and Brantley - knew the sex of the baby beforehand.

So their reactions were spontaneous and genuine!

The three stood underneath a box of balloons suspended above their heads, and all that stood between them and the monumental news, would be a tug of the string holding the flaps of the box closed.

“After Amber, Gilbert and Barrett pulled a string on a box above their heads, pink balloons, balls and confetti rained down on the family of three, letting them know a baby girl would be joining their family.”

After, Amber tells what went through her mind as the mystery was unfolding.

“I didn’t see it,” Amber tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I was so busy watching Barrett, but I saw the look on Brantley’s face. And then when the box finally opened … it was amazing. There was all this pink girl confetti, balls and stuff everywhere.”

She explained that she and her mom were crying, naturally! But the tears that touched her heart the most were those of her beloved husband.

“My mom was crying, and I had tears in my eyes. But Brantley? He was just crying,” she adds.

And what did Brantley have to say about the momentous reveal?

According to People, "The moment was an emotional one for 34-year-old Gilbert, who was visibly teary in photos following the shower of blush-colored decorations.

“Oh, I cried!” he recalls to PEOPLE. “I was so sure it was a boy. I wasn’t ready for it to be a little girl — and man, when it was!

“I just wanted a healthy, happy baby, but a little girl means a whole other deal.”

When asked whether or not he feels prepared to raise a little girl?

“I know I have so much to learn,” adds the ‘What Happens in a Small Town’ singer. “You even diaper them differently, so I’m gonna be learning a whole lot of stuff from these books Amber reads — and I can’t wait!”

And if how he parents 16-month-old Barrett is any indication, he may have his work cut out for him.

“I am just mush with Barrett,” he admits. “But I’m getting to where I’m okay letting him tough it out.

“I think a girl is going to be a whole new level of everything, and I’m ready. I already know she’s gonna own me, and that’s okay.”

So cool! Well, Brantley, you are going to find out, first hand, in about three months. We wish you and Amber the best of everything as you await the blessed event.

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