Brave 5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Apologizes To Mom Before Dying In Her Arms

November 12, 2018

Our hearts are breaking for the Proctor family of Accrington in Lancashire. Their brave little boy, who was battling cancer, apologized to his mother just before passing away in her arms.

At this time, we are asking our readers to keep the Proctor family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through a very difficult time. Among their 36,000 followers, many of them have shared their condolences to the family over their Facebook page.

In 2016, 5-year-old Charlie Proctor was diagnosed with a rare tumor which led him to undergo a liver transplant. Charlie's parents, Amber Schofield and Ben Proctor, have been updating Charlie's page often informing their followers of his condition.

In October, Amber shared an emotional post:

"This is the hardest post I hope to ever write. If nothing is done, the next post will be that Charlie has taken his last breath. This is it...

"I’m absolutely heartbroken to have to write this post. Myself and Charlie’s Daddy decided to keep this to ourselves until after the holiday. This last week has been spent telling family, friends and them having their time with Charlie. Now that ourselves and family have had some time to try and deal with this, it’s time we share with you…. The week before our holiday we spoke with Charlie’s consultant. His cancer is growing faster than we expected in both his liver and lungs.

"How can a parent, who’s already planning the last few months of their child’s life, feel any worse?.. by hearing the words.. 'He has 4-6 weeks of life left.' That’s how. This was nearly 4 week ago. Charlie has 2 weeks left to breath, 14 days to see the world, 336 hours to spend with his little sister, his baby sister he won’t get to see grow."

On Saturday, November 10, Charlie's parents shared the heartbreaking news. Charlie has passed away. They shared a precious photo of the three of them with Charlie having angel wings.

The post read:

"Last night at 23:14 my best friend, my world, Charlie, took his final breath. He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my arms with daddy’s arms wrapped around us. Our hearts are aching. The world has lost an incredible little boy.

"Charlie, you gave me chance to be a mum. You have been, not only our biggest inspiration but you have been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world. You showed me what love really means Charlie. Now it’s time to fly, I am so, so proud of you.

"You fought this so hard. My baby, I’m hurting so much. I will forever miss you baby bum. Sweet dreams my baby."

Just a day earlier, Amber shared a moment she and Charlie had together. Her precious boy had apologized to her just before he had passed away the next day.

The post read:

"I want everyone to remember Charlie for who he is. I want them to remember how he looked, how cheeky he was, how hilarious, how grumpy he was because right now Charlie isn’t any of those. He’s sad, he’s tired, he’s fed up and depressed. 'I don’t know what to do anymore' are his main words.. today.

"Charlie, at one point, turned to me and said in the most quiet, panting voice, 'Mummy, I’m so sorry for this.'"

Our hearts are completely broken. Will you join us in praying for the family?