Skydiving Instructor Plunges 1 Mile To His Death After Intentionally Unhooking Safety Harness From Student, Investigators Say

November 28, 2018

In what, at the time, seemed to be a one-in-a-million accident, an experienced skydiving instructor's safety harness suddenly came unhooked while on a tandem jump with a student.

He then plunged a mile to his death when his parachute was unable to deploy. Now, after the completion of a lengthy investigation, officials have announced that the act was likely intentional.

Now, after compiling all the evidence in the mysterious case, authorities have been able to rule out an accident as the cause of the September 27th fall of 41-year-old Brett Bickford of Rochester, New Hampshire. What they learned paints a completely different picture of what went on that day.

The unidentified male student was able to deploy his parachute and land safely after the unexpected turn of events, at which time he immediately alerted the police about what had happened.

Bickford’s body was discovered by a search and rescue team the following day, near the Lebanon (Maine) Airport.

Now, two months after the tragic incident, Fox News is reporting, "Maine’s medical examiner concluded this week that Bickford’s death was a suicide."

According to Bickford's obituary, “Brett has resided in Rochester all of his life. He has worked as a skydiving instructor for Skydive New England for the past 10 years.

“He was proud to have his private pilot's license, drone license and was designing and building drones. He was also a member of the US Parachute Association and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.”

Please join us in sending our sincere condolences to Brett’s family as they navigate the sad days ahead.

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