Bride's Dad Dies Before Wedding—Brother Shocks Her with Heart Wrenching Surprise

February 13, 2018

Andrea Stocking received terrible news just months before her wedding. Her father had pancreatic cancer and died before he could give her away.


The dreadful moment came: the father-daughter dance. But she had no father to dance with. That's when Andrea's brother, Nick Middleton, stepped in.

“We’re missing someone pretty important this evening that would be obviously here for the dance with his little girl,” Nick said.


Nick paused his speech from a lump in his throat, and he wiped tears from his eyes. He continued on to say that he recorded a song that he sang, "Butterfly Kisses," and that it would be played during the dance. But who was she going to dance with as the song played?

Men from the family stepped in to take their turn to dance with Andrea during the father-daughter dance. When she realized what was going on, she broke down crying. Her grandfather, two brothers, and her father-in-law danced with her.

It's been two years since their wedding and this song. Andrea told the Today Show that if the video is shown, she has to leave the room.


“I don’t watch it when people show it. His mom likes to show it a lot,” she said with a smile as she looks over at her husband, Luke. “I leave the room. As soon as I hear Nick’s voice, the waterworks begin.”

Nick told the Today Show that he doesn't feel comfortable singing, he is shy and reserved when it comes to singing in public. The song was an amazing wedding gift — one that Andrea will cherish forever because she knew how much he had to overcome when he made the recording.


Check out the emotional video below. Be sure to have a tissue nearby!



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