Brits Who Want William To Be King Instead Of Charles COULD Get Their Way, And There's Nothing The Queen Can Do To Stop It

February 19, 2019

So much opinion has been expressed about what will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies. Although the 92-year-old monarch seems to have a lot of life left in her, no one can deny the fact that the day IS coming when she will no longer be Queen.

The natural order of succession dictates that her eldest son, Prince Charles, should take over as Sovereign once her days on the throne are done. But, with Charles’ ‘scandalous’ history, there are some who are calling for him to be passed over in favor of Prince William, who is now second-in-line to the Throne.

Undoubtedly the Queen has heard these cries for an unprecedented breach of royal protocol, but it seems unlikely that the duty-bound Royal (...and loving mother) would ever forgo centuries of tradition to appease the emotions of some of her subjects.

But there is ONE way for William to be the next King without the Queen having to take any action at all. And It’s a wonder no one has thought of it before...

As we all know Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning Monarch in history. At 66 years on the throne (and counting), she shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

And the fact that her own mother lived past age 100, the chances are good that Her Majesty will hang in there for another decade or so.

That brings us to heir-apparent, the Prince of Wales, who turned 70 in November. Even if he became King tomorrow, Charles would already be the oldest-ever Monarch to ascend to the British throne - by far!

And if the Queen reigns for ten more years, which is entirely possible, Prince Charles will be close to 80 at the time of his ascension! And although he appears to be in good health, who knows what the next decade will bring?

In that case, the throne would automatically pass to the eldest son of the late Prince of Wales and that would be Prince William, of course. Charles brother, Prince Andrew was moved down the line of succession the day William was born in 1982. Now he trails all of William's children and Prince Harry, putting him seventh in line.

So, while we think it is highly unlikely that Prince Charles will die before his mother, it is still within the realm of possibility. Then, all those rooting for William to become the next King will have their way, even if it’s not the way they had envisioned.

But the only good thing to come from this unlikely scenario is that it would save the monarchy from another scandal - which would surely result from any attempt to usurp the Prince of Wales from his rightful place on the throne.

Either way, Charles' reign will be nowhere as long as his mother's - unless, of course, he manages to live to 150 years old!! Then poor William will have an equally-long wait to have his turn as King!

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