Beloved Comedian's Official Cause of Death Confirms What We Hoped Wasn’t True - And Breaks Our Hearts Even More

March 13, 2019

When the terrible news came out in February that 48-year-old comedian and actor Brody Stevens had died, many fans refused to believe it. But confirmation came swiftly, then the rumors started.

Stevens was allegedly found at his Los Angeles home on February 22nd, hanging from a belt; he was pronounced dead at the scene. But, up until the release of the death certificate on March 13th, the public could only hope and pray that it wasn’t true.

Because that would mean that the gentle giant was suffering in silence all along and no one was able to help him in his moment of crisis.

As sad as it is, the truth has been confirmed. According to his Los Angeles County death certificate, Brody Stevens, whose real name was Steven James Brody, died from hanging. The certificate also listed mental illness as a contributing factor.

TMZ obtained the document which confirms Brody died by hanging. Specifically, it says he used a belt to hang himself from a door.

“It also says his ‘history of depression and bipolar disorder’ was a significant condition contributing to his death.”

Brody had been battling 'his demons' for quite some time. In 2011, he was hospitalized after a particularly severe bipolar episode. Family and friends were hoping the treatment he received would keep him healthy.

They pointed to his frequent tackling of difficult subjects like depression and other forms of mental illness within his edgy comedy as proof that he was dealing with his challenges in a healthy way.

Despite his own personal struggles, “Brody was famous for preaching positivity during his popular stand-up act. He also had roles in movies, such as ‘The Hangover’ and ‘The Hangover II’”

Stevens starred in his own successful series on Comedy Central called ‘Enjoy It!’ and his popularity was growing when the end came.

Brody was an avid baseball fan and even competed in the sport during college until an elbow injury sidelined him permanently from his spot on the pitcher’s mound.

What sad news. We only wish Brody could have received the mental health care he so desperately needed before he took his life. At least he’s now at peace.

We pray for his family and for all those who still suffer from the ‘invisible killer’ known as mental illness.

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