Broken Airplane Window on Southwest Flight Causes Emergency Landing Just Weeks After Woman Dies From Being Sucked Out Airplane Window

May 02, 2018

A Southwest Airlines made an emergency landing on Wednesday, May 2, 2018, after a window broke on an in-flight plane. The flight was from Chicago-Midway to Newark.

This flight, Flight 957, landed in Chicago, safely, just two hours into the flight due to the broken window. Lucky, everyone was ok.

This happened just a couple weeks after a woman has partially sucked out a cracked window on another Southwest flight, causing her to die. In this scenario, a piece of engine debris came off, causing the window to break.

The airline issued this statement about the most recent window malfunction:

"The crew of Southwest Flight 957, with scheduled service from Chicago Midway International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport, made the decision to divert the plane to Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport for maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane.

“The flight landed uneventfully in Cleveland. The aircraft has been taken out of service for maintenance review, and our local Cleveland Employees are working diligently to accommodate the 76 Customers on a new aircraft to Newark."

We are glad all are ok. We pray no one else gets hurt and that Southwest Airlines will take the necessary precautions to prevent this from ever happening again.

In other news, a newlywed woman on an American Airlines flight was near death and they wouldn’t land the plane. Learn more here.

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