Explosion And Inferno On World Famous Bridge During Morning Commute Leaves At Least 1 Person Dead, Multiple Others Injured

November 21, 2018

During one of the busiest times of day - the morning rush hour - commuters traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday got a horrific shock when an explosion and a raging inferno caused the entire span to be closed.


According to the New York Times, “Four vehicles were traveling on the Brooklyn-bound side of the bridge about 7:15 a.m. when they spun out of control, a spokesman for the Fire Department said. Three of the vehicles burst into flames, the spokesman said. Six people sustained minor injuries.”


Two officials, who wish to remain anonymous due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, say that it appears that one aggressive driver was the cause of the mayhem in which one person lost his life. The driver apparently lost control of his car, crashing into the others, all of which burst into flames on impact.


The city was blanketed in plumes of smoke during the blaze; news helicopters captured the dramatic photos and numerous people posted the footage on social media.


The Fire Department was able to extinguish the flames after a 45-minute firefight, but the bridge remains closed pending the completion of the investigation, the identity of the fatality has not yet been released.


Please join us in praying for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.


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