82-Year-Old Hall of Famer and Entertainer Has Died After Unexpected Hospitalization

April 18, 2018

The two-time champion and Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino, has passed away in his home in Pittsburgh, PA. He was 82 years old.




The WWWF Champion passed away after a recent hospitalization, according to PWInsider. The cause of death is still unknown.


Sammartino was the original superhero of the WWWF and was considered to be the craziest performers ever in the history of WWWF.




The athlete lived in a small Italian mountain town of Abruzzi, Italy. While Adolf Hitler was taking over, Sammartino experienced loss at an early age. He lost his brother and sister.


His mother took Sammartino into the mountains to hide as the Germans took over, and by the grace of God, the two met up with his father in Pittsburgh in 1950.




Eventually, Sammartino began lifting weights and grew to be one of the strongest men in America. In 1959, he set a world record. He bench-pressed 565 pounds, which caught the interest of Vincent J. McMahon. He quickly became an overnight sensation as a sports-entertainer.


After decades of entertaining, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Please pray for the Sammartino family.


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