Buckingham Palace Is Shocked And Impressed About This One Thing Melania Trump Did During Her Visit; Many People Are Not Surprised By This, Are You?

July 13, 2018

On July 12, President Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump landed in London for their three-day visit. He was greeted by thousands of marching protestors, even an enormous "Trump baby" balloon. There were, however, many Trump-fans welcoming him to the United Kingdom.


"If he came here, I’d shake his hand, absolute brilliant businessman,” Dean Roberts, who runs a market stall in Barnsley, said to "Fox News." “He’s going to upset a lot of people, that’s what we want, he’s a true leader.”


Melania was, of course, there supporting her husband. And not to anyone's surprise, she stepped out of the car in a stunning yellow gown to attend the state dinner at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

Her formal dress was practically out of a fairy-tale; many people compared her dress to Bell's gown in the Disney's classic movie, "Beauty and The Beast." Melania is usually well presented and has fantastic taste in fashion.


Aside from her dress, many Brits are quite impressed with this one thing of Melania. Even the Buckingham Palace guards were put in their place.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace guard Robert Addington told reports that he couldn't shake this impressive feeling when he saw the first lady. 


“There were all sorts of people waving in her face and yelling things at her, hoping that she would break, but she managed to hold that same stern, emotionless expression the entire time. It was incredible,” the guard reportedly said.

In most photos of Melania, there appears to be a down-to-business exterior. But there are a multitude of photos out there of her smiling and enjoying her time with fans, especially children, but those are rarely shared, unfortunately.


"Yahoo" reported on Friday, that Melania, who is "known for her somewhat icy exterior," was enjoying her time playing lawn bowling with the British public and school children. She even was pulling off some "comical facial expressions," showing she was having a great time.





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