John McCain’s Family Reeling From Grief After Beloved Family Members Dies In ‘Tragic Accident’

April 09, 2019

Just eight months after they said goodbye to their beloved patriarch, Senator John McCains’ family is facing another bitter loss. This time it was a sudden accident that claimed the life of yet one more cherished family member.

John’s dog, that was given to the senator as a birthday gift years ago, passed away in what was only described as a ‘tragic accident’ at the family ranch in Arizona.

John’s widow Cindy made the sad announcement on Instagram.

“To all who loved our dear Burma. She died today in a tragic accident at our beloved Hidden Valley. She now frolicking with the one she loved most in heaven now.”

Burma was John’s best friend and constant companion, in earlier days, joining the former prisoner of war on his fishing trips and hiking adventures, in later years never leaving John's side during cancer treatment.

Daughter Megan added some memories to her own Instagram. ‘The View’ host shared videos of Burma swimming and a photo of her late father with the dog.

“Every time I think my heart can’t be broken any further...our dog Burma was my fathers birthday present years ago and was absolutely and truly devoted to him.

"She would never leave his side, followed him around every single step when he would walk around our ranch, slept by his side every night and we always said Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were the most affectionate breed of dogs.

"The love this dog gave him was equal to a family member. I love you Burma and hope you’re in heaven jumping into creeks, chasing sticks and fish with Dad.” 💔

Burma was present at Meghan McCain's wedding, as seen in this photo Cindy McCain shared. Senator McCain often shared photos of the dog on his Instagram, as well.

All of us pet owners know how a dog can be a great source of comfort after a traumatic loss and Burma was just that for the McCain family after John lost his years-long battle with brain cancer last August.

And though their grief must be raw and deep, they can take some small comfort in knowing Burma and his beloved ‘human’ are now reunited in heaven, where they will spin eternity together throwing and fetching sticks and frolicking as they did in their younger days.

Rest in peace, Burma.

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