Bus Crash Killed 13 People After Fight Between Driver And Passenger, Video Released

November 02, 2018


The incident took place on a public bus when a woman went up to the driver and began hitting him. The driver hit back causing him to look away from the road. In a matter of seconds, 13 people's lives were lost.


While on a bridge, the driver takes a swing at the woman, he loses control of the bus hitting another car head on, sending the bus plunging nearly 200 feet into the river below. The incident took place in southwestern China and the bus dove into the Yangtze River killing 13 people.


On Friday, police released a video of two angles: one from inside the bus showing the fight, and the other from another car's dashcam. The video shows the moments just before the crash, which occurred last Sunday, and the collision with another vehicle on the bridge before falling into the river.


Police say that there are still two people missing from the wreckage, but they have not been able to find any survivors.


According to the "New York Times," the woman, surnamed Liu, 48, had started hitting the driver, surnamed Ran 42, after she had missed her stop and he refused to let her off the bus.


Once the news broke out, people were furious about the incident. Citizens called out the government saying they are outraged that Liu and Ran would allow such a small fight to threaten the lives of many.


“In a few seconds, a whole bus of life is lost,” wrote one commenter on Weibo, a microblogging site. “The price of acting on impulse is too grave.”

"A video of the last seconds before a bus crash in China showed the driver physically fighting with a passenger. “This case is very typical and very vicious,” a lawyer said, according to the "New York Times World" tweet.




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