California Just Found A Sneaky New Way Into Your Wallet, And If You're Fond Of Your Cell Phone, You're Not Going To Like This One Bit

December 13, 2018

Just when you thought that you’ve been taxed on every conceivable product and service, someone throws a whole new thing into the mix. And leave it to California to find a way to add to the cost of using your cell phone.

With the decrease in actual phone calls from cell phones, the tax revenue has gone way down, so they had to come up with another scheme to make up for that loss. Now, they are trying to hit this generation where it’ll hurt the most. And, if this measure is approved, no one will be immune to its damaging effects.

Multiple outlets are reporting,  “California regulators are currently contemplating whether residents would have to pay a fee on text messages from their cell phones.”


This reminds me of the brilliant plan to tax us on how many miles we drive because fuel-efficient cars have made the demand for gasoline go down. You just can’t win!

According to the Daily Caller, “The proposed tax would help fund programs in the state that provides low-income Californians with phone service and will be discussed further during the January 2019 meeting by the California Public Utilities Commission.”

"California wants to tax text messages now, to fund free phones for illegals- uh, sorry - 'low income' users..."

As you might imagine, the outcry was swift and widespread.

“The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is set to vote next month on a proposal to add on a surcharge for text messages. This tax would be the first of it's kind, how do you feel about this proposed fee?”

The 'genius' reasoning behind the proposal is that text messaging requires the use of cell towers, just as phone calls do. Yet only actual phone calls are taxed. Somehow, they delude themselves into believing that this ‘isn’t fair.’ What? It’s not fair that we keep some of our money? I swear, some of these legislators won’t be happy until our paychecks go directly them, and they send US a percentage!!

Already, thousands are speaking out as to why this would be a dumb idea. “Some business groups say the new consumer charges could be more than $44 million a year, and the wireless industry says carriers would be at a disadvantage with free messaging services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.”

No details have been released on the tax proposal, but the California Public Utilities Commission will take up the issue in January. Until then, cell phone users might want to spend some time exploring alternative messaging services so they can side-step this intrusive tax.

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