Camilla Is Furious With The Queen After She Reveals Astonishing News Leaving Camilla Unsure If She Will Get What Her Heart Really Desires

June 05, 2018

A huge feud has broken out in the royal monarchy recently when the Queen revealed some shocking news. The news has left Camilla Parker Bowles devastated and uncertain about her future royal role.

The shocking news broke out about the Queen has everyone excited, even though it will greatly impact Camilla. The 92-year-old Queen has incredible plans for the upcoming years.

According to sources, Her Majesty has increased her workload by a substantial amount. She has increased it by 25 percent due to the exciting new changes within the family.

Other sources say that the significant increase is due to the events she had to bail on last year. She is likely trying to make up for lost time, they believe.

While most of us are thrilled to see the Queen so involved this year, Camilla, on the other hand, is not as enthusiastic as most of us are.

The reason being is that Prince Charles won't see the throne in the foreseeable future. At this rate, since the Queen is not showing any signs of slowing down, this means Camilla won't be Queen anytime soon.

This has millions of people sighing with relief knowing that Camilla being Queen is far off in the future. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!

Camilla Waves a Knife at Prince Charles. Watch The Video Below:

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