Watch Camilla Parker Bowles Wave a Weapon at Prince Charles; Thank Goodness He Got Out of The Way in Time

May 29, 2018

During an Australian tour, the knives were out for Prince Charles, and Camilla was the one flashing them. Many people were uncomfortable about how she was handling these blades, especially when she insinuated on stabbing her husband.

Keep in mind, she was joking. However, people who witnessed this did get a little uncomfortable and squirmed in their seats.


The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were admiring a selection of handcrafted kitchen knives while on a tour in Australia. The cutler was 63-year-old Barry Garder who is based out of Seppeltsfield Winery near Tanunda.

While at the winery, Camilla picked up one of the knives and admired it for a short while. She then gripped the 8-inch knife, lightly shook it, and then shook it again towards Prince Charles while he was looking the other way.


The press at the event laughed at Camilla's actions, which likely prompted her to continue on with the shocking bit. Once she gets the approval of the crowd, she takes it a step further.

When Charles turned back toward his wife, she was holding the long, 8-inch, Damascus steel blade about a foot away from his face.


The Prince was momentarily frightened when he made eye contact with the knife that was being brandished so close to his body.


Check Out The Video Below:


Once the brief horror subsides, Charles replies, "now listen here," while waving his finger.


What do you think about this? Let us know! In other news, Prince Harry just humiliated and scolded Camila in front of everyone; “The gloves came off.”


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