Can You Find the Cat Among the Owls? Not Many People Can

February 15, 2018

It seems like these kinds of images are all the rage right now. Everyone wants to prove how good they are at spotting the hidden item in an image or solving a ridiculous riddle. I know I do.



If that's you, then you've come to the right place. People are loving this image below. Cute owls and a hidden cat, who could ask for more?


Let's see how good you are at finding the cat. Check out the video below for the image:


If you are having trouble playing the video, check out the images below!



Did you find it? Keep scrolling for the answer!



Share with your friends and see how long it takes them! In other news, you have to read this 14-year-old boy’s poem. But then read it backward, your mouth will hit the floor! Check it out here!

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