Canadian Couple in Hot Water After Slaughtering and Eating Newly Adopted Pet

February 27, 2018

Molly, the beloved, 3-year-old pig, was nursed back to health and later adopted by a family in Canada. She was one of 57 Pot-bellied pigs in a hoarding situation that was rescued.

A local branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was the one that rescued Molly and nursed back to health. Leon Davis was one of the main caregivers of the Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs.


Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs live between 12 and 18 years old, and typically weigh about 120 pounds.


After several months at the animal rescue center, Molly was finally adopted. She had found her forever home. Just weeks later after the couple rescued Molly, she was eaten by her new owners.

The owners allegedly said that they were having problems with Molly and that she couldn't be trained. So they decided to eat her.


"First reaction I'd say was shock. Heartbreak. You know, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get attached to," Davis said.

"To hear that somebody did this to an animal that we worked so hard to make sure was healthy, and tried to get into a good home, is absolutely heartbreaking," Davis continued.


RASTA Sanctuary, which was hands-on with Molly's rescue, took to Facebook about what happened with Molly. One sentence, in particular, had animal lovers heartbroken: "Molly wasn't so lucky, and for that, we feel absolutely gutted and truly beyond devastated."



“We have stringent policies in place as part of the adoption process for all the animals we have here, which include dogs, cats and goats right now,” Sandi Trent, manager of the local branch at SPCA, said. “We also have long conversations with the people looking to adopt animals to make sure the animal is right for them.”


Even though Molly's owners are now blacklisted by the SPCA, Davis told CBC that the couple signed a contract agreeing they would not kill or consume the animal. At this time, no charged have been filed.


In Canada, animal cruelty laws only apply when an animal suffers, according to Davis. Evidently, investigators found that the couple killed Molly humanely.

Davis also stated that the rescue shelter would have been happy to take Molly back if the owners continued to have issues.


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