Candace Cameron Bure Reveals A Secret We've All Been Wanting to Know, And It's Even Better Than You'd Imagine

June 05, 2018

During a recent exclusive interview with Candace Cameron Bure, "Inspiring Day" was able to sit down with the "Fuller House" star who revealed a secret we've all been wanting to know.

If you follow Candace, you'd know that she has never been the one to shy away from her faith. She shared so many great incites as to how she and her husband, Val, keep their relationship with God so strong.

Even though she isn't a "superhuman" she tries her best every day to walk by faith. There have been days where she admits that she hasn't always been kind or respectful. Like all of us, we have days where fail, and Candace shows us how relatable she is as she shares her ups and downs in her new book, "Kind is the New Classy."

"Even though I'm writing a book on kindness it doesn't mean I don't get emotional about things, it doesn't mean that conversations or comments can, at times, rile me up, and even be hurtful or challenging, all of those things I face," she said. "It's whether or not I choose to act on the emotion or let the emotions or frustration or anger get the best of me. I try my best daily to not let those things get the best of me."

"It's not always easy," she admits. "I mean, I give lots of examples where I have not done that, where those days I'm like, 'Ah, I didn't get a grip on it.'"

Candace is truly an inspiration to many women and for her to get real with us about her fails is quite incredible. While she is a celebrity, she is still a wife and a mother trying to navigate through this twisted world with God by her side. With the help of her husband, she said that she feels like they are a team with God as their anchor.

Her marriage with Val has been a very spiritual marriage, one where they support and love each other all to glorify Jesus Christ. She even shared a tidbit of information exclusively with us. Her love language.

"My love language is words of encouragement," Candace shared. "I love words. I think that stemmed from my childhood and being an actress because I longed for the days of the director saying, 'That was really great, good job.' So, I love hearing those words still today. That's definitely my love language."

Candace shared what her husband's love language was as well, which is quality time. She shared that the two will periodically remind the other person of what they need, because for Val, "words of encouragement are probably the lowest thing on his love language list."

Same goes for Candace, quality time is lower on her list. She said that she can do an hour of focused one on one time and she would be satisfied, while Val would need a day or two.

We were very blessed to have this exclusive interview with Candace Cameron Bure and wish her all the best. She is a very down to earth, Godly woman and we hope to have another opportunity to talk with her in the future.

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