Shots Fired: Police Standoff in Washington; Suspect In Custody After 'Incredibly Dangerous Situation'

September 07, 2018

According to police, a man, who was wearing full body armor, took multiple hostages and barricaded himself inside a business Thursday night at approximately 8:30 p.m.

The suspect took four hostages inside a car dealership in Parkland, Washington. When police arrived, an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police irrupted. One bullet struck the gunman's vest; however, he didn't sustain any serious injury.

During the standoff, all nearby grocery stores and customers were on lockdown inside the store until it was safe for them to be escorted out of the stores, according to Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

"Suspect is in custody after exchanging gunfire with deputies. Suspect was wearing body armor & is believed to have been hit by a round fired by our deputies," the police department tweeted.

"We are continuing to clear the building & area to ensure there are no additional victims or suspects involved."

Will you join us in thanking our men and women in uniform as they helped protect the city?