Carrie Underwood is "Seriously Livid" After Intense Situation at Stadium; Fans Are Fuming

April 11, 2018

Last week, Carrie Underwood was "seriously livid" after witnessing, what she describes as a terrible call.


Last Tuesday, Underwood was at an NHL game watching her husband, Mike Fisher, play for the Nashville Predators. With less than a second on the clock, the referees blew their whistle costing the Predators the win.



After a last-second goal by one of the Panthers, it was quickly overturned by the referee for goaltender interference.


“Goaltender interference? Are you out of your mind? On what planet? #WorstCallEver @PredsNHL #NSHvsFLA,” Underwood tweeted.


Underwood isn't the only one upset. After several of her tweets, fans posted right back agreeing with her comments. Even Mike Fisher himself agrees with his wife!


The Nashville Predators also agree that this call was rubbish. They took to Twitter expressing their frustration.


Even actor Kiefer Sutherland had to put his two cents in about the call.


The Predators lost 2-1 which prevented them from securing the Central Division or Western Conference.


Check out the footage below:



Aside from her love for sports, here are some more reasons to love Carrie Underwood.


What do you think about the call? Let us know in the comment section below. In other news, hundreds are dead after plane crashes near residential area. Some have seen victims in body bags.

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