Cat’s Eyes Were Crusted Shut From Disease—His Rescuers Were Stunned When He Finally Opened Them

December 20, 2017

A year ago, a sick, stray cat was found wandering around outside a home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. The cat’s eyes were crusted shut so it couldn’t see. It also was missing patches of skin on its face and ears.


Joe is the owner of the home that the cat was found near. When he saw the horrible state the cat was in, he rushed to get a carrier and some food. As soon as the cat smelled the food, it went straight to it and started eating, as if it hadn’t eaten in days.

Joe kept the cat in the carrier and posted on Facebook, asking help to see if anyone knew who the cat belonged to. No one was able to help.


One woman came across the post and knew she had to do something to help the cat. Carmen had previously helped rescue cats who had the same condition as this, so she wanted to help him get healthy.


Carmen contacted Joe and arranged to pick the cat up. She shared, “I took him immediately to my vet, Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital, and they confirmed that he was suffering from mange, was very dehydrated and malnourished.”

Though the cat couldn’t see due to his eyes being sealed shut and he was extremely ill, he knew that he was receiving the care he needed. Apparently, he purred the entire time he was being examined.


The veterinary clinic sent Carmen home with the cat, who got named Cotton. He was given antibiotics and fluids to get him back to healthy. He was on the mend, but he was extremely skinny. Luckily, he ate well and seemed happy.


When the crust finally started to fall off his eyes, he was able to open them for the first time. And they were absolutely stunning. Cotton had one blue eye and one yellow eye.

Carmen shared, “Cotton stayed hunched over for days and days and seemed very uncomfortable. It was hard seeing him in that condition, knowing only time would heal him. Little by little, he started to gain weight...His hair started to grow again.”


Several months later, Cotton looked like an entirely different cat. His stunning eyes are clear and open and his fur is pure white. Even his ears look clean and healthy.

Apparently, Cotton loves people. According to Carmen, “Cotton is very vocal and he would make noise to let us know that he wanted attention. He loves people and searches for attention. He wants to be where you are.”


Cotton’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s incredible that the sweet cat is now healthy. He just needed a little bit of love to be able to shine through.


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