Kate Middleton Reveals Style Secrets That No One Ever Suspected—Fans Can't Get Over How She Does It

June 07, 2018

When you’re young, movies and stories make it seem commonplace to marry a prince and live in a castle, but in all honesty, that doesn’t happen to very many people. So when Kate Middleton married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, it re-awoke those dreams of becoming a princess.

Since her wedding, Kate Middleton has continued to inspire women around the world with her simple, yet elegant fashion choices. If Kate Middleton is your fashion inspiration, check out these easy ways to work her choices into your wardrobe. These tips reveal how she always looks so stinkin' fabulous...

1. Learn how to accessorize

Kate Middleton knows exactly how to accessorize. Her wardrobe overall is fairly simple, but she easily classes a dress up with an elaborate necklace or earrings. These dresses look extremely similar, but they are styled in such drastically different ways that fit the different events.

2. Keep your makeup simple

If you’re looking to Kate Middleton for inspiration, keep your makeup simple. From event to event, there are no drastic changes in the style of her makeup. Even for her wedding, she kept it simple and natural. This gives her a natural, timeless beauty.

3. Don’t go over the top

While Kate has a nice budget to buy her clothes, she never seems to go over the top. Her outfits are often simple, elegant, and classy.

Don’t bother buying a dress that takes five different steps to put on, or a crystal-embedded gown. Instead, stick with something simple that you can add accessories to. In fact, her outfits are often solid colors and monochromatic.

4. Perfect your smile

If there’s one thing that everyone loves about Kate Middleton, it’s her smile. If you’re inspired by her elegant style the best thing you can do is smile. Smiling can change not only the way you view the world but also the way the world views you.

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