Céline Dion’s Shocking Appearance Has Fans Afraid For Beloved Performer. Do We Have Good Reason To Worry?

February 01, 2019

Apparently, Céline Dion should borrow a jacket from Melanie Trump. You know the one I mean. The “I don’t care, Do you?’-inscribed frock she was so mercilessly criticized for?

The First Lady's unspoken sentiments aside, Celine evidently prefers to take on her critics with a verbal response, rather than through her couture.

The Canadian singer has made her thoughts about public opinion very clear last week when fans became vocal about her new, super-svelte look.

“Celine Dion unrecognizable as she goes braless in all black outfit“

Two years after the devastating loss of her soul mate, René Angélil. Talented songbird Celine Dion remains an all-time favorite among her fans. But, it’s not her talent that’s causing people to react with concern, and maybe even horror!

In recent photos that have surfaced of the talented performer, we can’t help but notice her gaunt, emaciated look. And while her choice of how she looks is generally up to her, it’s up to ‘friends’ like us to point put when we think she has gone overboard. And overboard is exactly what her fans are calling it.

But they are worried, and we are beginning to wonder if there is a good reason. But Dion rebukes the criticism, inviting those with contrary opinions to “leave me alone.”

"If I like it, I don't want to talk about it," she said. "Don't bother. Don't take a picture."

Recently celebrating her 50th birthday, Dion admits to trying new things to help her feel attractive. Her style choices (and body image?) are a big part of that journey.

"I'm doing this for me," the singer said. ”I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy."

But that assurance doesn’t stop her devoted fans from expressing their reservations about just how thin she has become.

Posts to social media reveal a universally negative response to what many are calling her ‘scary’ new look. Rather than coming from a point of mindless criticism - for criticism’s sake, they seem to be genuinely worried about the legendary songstress’ health.

“OMGG!! What happened to Celine Dion now?? 😱😱😱😱 I'm shocked!!! “

“this is Céline Dion

"I want to cry

"if you know you know 😪”

“Fans Are Worried About #CélineDion As She Looks Alarmingly Skinny After Being Spotted In Paris”

"Céline Dion's new look got a lot of fans worried.

"The Canadian singer is proud of the ultra slim frame she worked assiduously to get.

"What do you think?"

But she's clear that she likes her new look.

"If you like it, I'll be there," Dion said. "If you don't, leave me alone."

“Céline Dion says critics of her slimmer frame should ‘leave her alone:’ 'If I like it, I don't want to talk about it. Don't bother. Don't take a picture. If you like it, I'll be there. If you don't, leave me alone.’”

The universally-beloved music superstar has owned the hearts of fans over her 30-plus-year career. We’ve cheered through her victories, and grieved during her sorrows. When her ’soulmate’ and husband of more than 20 years René Angélil died in 2016 of throat cancer, we wept right along with her.

Now, we just can’t help ourselves when we see something that raises a red flag. And the way she looks right now is alarmingly worrisome.

We have to admire Ms. Dion's 'in-your-face' attitude and appreciate her honesty about what is going on with her. But, we will still be like 'momma bears' when it comes to one of our favorite performers of all time. We wish her nothing but the best and appreciate her candid remarks.

And Melania’s jacket probably wouldn’t fit her, anyway…right??

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