Onlookers Get ‘Royal Eyeful’ When Charles And Camilla Bust Out Swimsuits And 'Strut Their Stuff' On Barbados Beach

March 19, 2019

Prince Charles and wife Camilla stunned beachgoers in Barbados on Tuesday when they suddenly appeared at the tourist location -  in their bathing suits! And from the looks of things, the two are doing a good job of staying in shape, even though they are both in their 70s.

The royal appearance comes in the midst of the Prince of Wales’ and the Duchess of Cornwall’s 12-day tour of the Caribbean. Prince Charles arrived in St. Lucia on Sunday, the first stop on the trip, and was later joined by his wife, Camilla in Barbados.

The future King and Queen of Britain will be the first members of the British Royal Family to ever pay a visit to Cuba.

According to Clarence House, "The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be traveling to the Caribbean on March 17 this year for a royal tour. The couple will spend two days in the region traveling around different countries and islands before returning almost a fortnight later on March 29.

"While there, they will take on some 50 different engagements. Their next tour will take them around six different Commonwealth nations, and they will make a special stop on request of the British government.”

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be all work and no play for Charles and Camilla, as evidenced by these endearing photos of the royal couple frolicking on the sand and in the water.

After a busy day of engagements on Tuesday, the devoted pair sneaked away for a little relaxation in the sun. Both appeared in all their glory, dressed just like all the rest of the beachgoers: in unremarkable-looking bathing suits and carrying striped towels.

Charles and Camilla made a rather dashing pair, looking very fit for their ages.

As they made their way along the beach Charles was seen looking towards his wife and saying a few words before indulging in a swim.

A throwback photo of a much younger Charles compared with the one from today. He's holding together pretty well, don't you think?? 

During their stay in Barbados, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will sit down for talks with two leading figures from the island's national life.

I don’t know about you, but Charles and Camilla really seem to enjoy each other’s company and it’s so good to witness them relaxing and taking in the beauty of the country they are visiting.

Let’s hope the future monarch and his wife remembered to pack the sunscreen, after all, their ‘winter white’ skin is just begging for a tropical scorching!

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