Child Almost Killed By UPS Driver While Playing In Leaves; Photo Goes Viral

November 14, 2018

A photo of a child playing in leaves has gone viral after a UPS driver spotted the boy covered in leaves close to the road.

UPS driver Jordan Weaver was delivering packages in an Elkhart, Indiana neighborhood when he saw the young child hiding in the leaves. Weaver said that the incident startled him and wanted to helps spread awareness.

“He walked across the street to deliver a package to a woman that was leaf blowing in her yard,” the UPS director of corporate media relations Glenn Zaccara told "Yahoo."

“She took the package and started walking into her home, and Jordan started walking back across the street to his truck," Zaccara explained.

When Weaver was walking back to his truck, that's when he noticed the young boy in a very dangerous position: lying in a large pile of leaves practically in the road.

"I couldn't believe it at first, my heart completely stopped," Weaver said, adding that the child was barely visible to other drivers; he was lucky enough to see the boy's hat.

Weaver decided to go back to the home he just delivered the package to and inform someone.

“Turns out, of course, that’s her son,” Zaccara said, adding that the little boy jumped out from the leaves and ran towards his mother.

“So Jordan said, ‘First, I just want you to be aware of what was going on,’ he was certain she didn’t notice, with the leaves flying and the noise,” Zaccara said.

Before UPS drivers hit the road, they do 15-minute PCM meetings, which are pre-work communication meetings. Part of the conference is stretching and some type of safety message. Every driver takes a turn giving a safety tip or a story each morning.

Weaver wanted to share this story with his colleagues, so he asked the little boy's mother if he could take a picture of her son while explaining the story. She agreed. They re-created the moment, but this time, the child's head was actually visible when before, it wasn't.

UPS wants to make sure everyone knows that it wasn't about parenting, but about safety. Weaver didn't expect his story to be shared with the world. He just wanted to let his colleagues know and to be safe out there.

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