Majestic Flamingo Euthanized At Illinois Zoo After Child Hurls Rock, Causing Traumatic Injury

May 22, 2019

Zoo officials are reporting heartbreaking news today. One of their beloved flamingos had to been euthanized. The sad move came after the majestic bird was seriously injured by a rock hurled into its enclosure by a child.

Jay Tetzloff, Director of Parks in Bloomington, Illinois, said an elementary school student on a field trip to the Miller Park Zoo “accidentally injured the flamingo on Monday by skipping a rock into the habitat.”

The rock hit the flamingo hard, breaking one of its legs.

Veterinarians at the zoo examined the injured bird to see what the best course of treatment would be.

"Unfortunately, staff determined the best course of action given the animal's injuries was to euthanize the bird," said Tetzloff.

“Prior to the incident, the zoo had 25 flamingos in the exhibit. Located near the entrance, the exhibit makes the flamingos the unofficial zoo greeters.”

Naturally, zoo patrons were upset at the news, attempting to find a cause and assign blame. Many of them wondered about adult supervision, or the lack thereof, and who should have been controlling the children on the field trip.

“This is so sad. Watch your kids, people.”

In the meantime, authorities are focusing on dealing with the aftermath of the situation.

"This was a truly unfortunate accident, and we are working with the juvenile's family to move forward," Tetzloff added to Fox News.

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