Congratulations! Chip and Joanna Gaines Announced The Arrival of Baby #5 With The Most Adorable Message Ever

June 23, 2018

Baby Gaines is here! The big day has finally arrived for Chip and Joanna Gaines.

On Saturday, June 23, Chip shared the amazing news about their fifth baby on Twitter.

Earlier this year, the couple shared the big news that Joanna was pregnant with baby number 5. "Fixer Upper" fans were left anticipating the big day, and it's finally here.

Chip and Joanna have four other children together and are reportedly excited about their baby brother. Their other children are 8-year-old Emmie Kay, 9-year-old Duke, 11-year-old Ella, and 13-year-old Drake.

Chip took to Twitter to share the exciting, family news and we are so happy for the Gaines Family!

"And then there were 5.. The Gaines crew is now 1 stronger!" Chip wrote. "10 beautiful toes and 10 beautiful fingers all accounted for, and big momma is doing great! #blessedBeyondBelief."

“And big momma is doing great! #blessedBeyondBelief," the proud father said.

There were no photos provided at this time, but it is reported that the baby has a "D" name presumably to follow in his two brother's first initial names.

We are patiently waiting for Chip and Jo to release the pictures and the name of their precious baby boy! Will you join us in congratulating the happy family?

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