Job Opening: Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Hiring

March 06, 2018

More great news! Aside from the amazing news about their new show, "Fixer Upper: Behind the Design," they are hiring. Their job opening, however, is requiring the lucky person to move to Waco, Texas. Please note that submissions must have been turned in on February 25th.



If you are a huge fan of the Gaineses and can move to a different state, then this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might be for you! Chip and Joanna Gaines are in need of someone creative, innovative, and find the beauty in anything.


According to their blog, the job opening only requires two things:


(1) the applicant needs to be ready and willing to move to Waco; and

(2) the applicant must have a creative skill set such as experience in blogging, photo styling, photography, social media, web design, writing, and more.


"If those two both describe you, then we want to see what you can do!" the job description said.



Here's how it will work: the Gaineses will be hosting a two-day recruiting event in Waco in March for those who submitted their work by February 25th. If selected, then those applicants would receive a special invitation to their March recruiting event.

For more details, check out the job description here. Did you get your submission in on time or know someone who got an invitation? Let us know in the comment section! In other news, you must read this 14-year-old’s poem, but when read backward, your mouth will hit the floor! Check it out here.

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