Chip and Joanna Remodel Their Trickiest House To-Date [Images]

March 23, 2018

It is pretty commonplace to take a walk-through of a house before you buy it, right? In the episode of Fixer Upper, “From City Life to Farmhouse in Waco,” a couple decided to things a little backwards. They purchased an 1880’s, 3,000-square-foot home for $155,000...without ever seeing it in person! I wouldn’t consider doing that for a newer home, let alone a house built in 1880!

Brooke and Charles Ramsey are the owners of the new home and they had to make the purchase from across seas. The Ramseys have been in Pakistan for 17 years teaching at a Christian college. After many years living away from home, they decided it was time to move back to their hometown—Waco, TX. Both Brooke and Charles are former Baylor College graduates (like our beloved Chip and Joanna).

In this remodel they had a $200,000 budget, which was quickly spread thin with the mounting costs of remodeling an older home. However, Chip and Joanna still came through like they always do—providing the Ramseys with a home to grow in.

Here is a preview of the remodeled rooms!

The Entrance

The front door of this home used to be off-centered. The Gaineses moved pipes and wires to make it centered.



The Living Area

Open shelving and a classic standalone fireplace are the hallmarks of this room. Open shelving adds a touch of visual interest.

Family Office

In this room, there is an office for Mom and Dad, as well as homework nooks for the kiddos. Now the entire family can work together productively!

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