Chip and Joanna Reveal Their Favorite ‘Fixer Upper’ House–Can You Guess Which One?

March 14, 2018

Over the five seasons that “Fixer Upper” has been on the air, Chip and Joanna Gaines have renovated many houses. From your classic neighborhood homes to houseboats, they’ve seen it all.


A particular favorite of the home improvement pair are old houses with character. “We’ve always been drawn to historical homes,” said Chip. “A lot of places look beyond repair, but Jo and I always encourage people to take a look at the historic assets.”




“Sometimes it’s not feasible to restore every element in an old house,” he continued. “But even picking just a few details in each room to restore really make a big difference in the overall charm and character.”



Even if the house looks a little weird, that is still ok. “One of my favorites was the Giraffe House,” said Joanna, a house that had a stone wall pattern that looked like a giraffe hide. “I got to let loose and have a little fun with rich colors, interesting patterns, and unique one-of-a-kind elements that feel found, rather than brand new.”


Most houses that Chip and Joanna renovate tend to be ranch-style homes, which are popular in the Waco, Texas area that the couple work in. “They’re a dime a dozen around here,” said Chip.  The dramatic looks you can give a ranch house make them especially enjoyable, according to Joanna.



Since ranch houses are long and flat, one of Chip’s favorite things to add to them is a porch, which he says makes it stand out and gives them an extra interesting dimension.


Another favorite of Chip’s is to paint over things rather than replace them. A common color palette of Chip and Joanna is white and light colors. Fans will recall Joanna’s love of the shiplap look as evidence of this design preference.


A popular request from their clients recently has been to give the home a modern look. “The challenge of modern design is it’s usually so cold and sparse, so we focus on adding elements of texture and warmth,” said Joanna.



Now for the big reveal. What house is their favorite fixer-upper of all time? The barndominium? The houseboat vacation home? Nope.


“Our own farmhouse will always be our favorite fixer-upper,” said Joanna. Of course it would be their own home, which they purchased when they first started shooting their show.





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