Here’s How Much Chip and Joanna Gaines Will Make For Their Last Fixer Upper Season

March 23, 2018

All good things must come to an end. In this case, it is HGTV’s popular home improvement show “Fixer Upper.”


After five successful seasons, the show’s hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines are calling it quits. The couple are savvy business people, so they won’t be hurting for extra cash anytime soon.




If you were wondering how much the HGTV stars get paid to smile for the camera and cover a room with shiplap, here’s what we know.



First of all, here’s why they are leaving the show. Even though they said the ending will be bittersweet, they are looking forward to the future and what new opportunities have emerged.


The taping schedule for “Fixer Upper” was demanding and required them to tape for 11 months out of the year. With a fifth child on the way, they wanted to slow down and spend more time with their family.



However, some argue that this isn’t the only reason why Chip and Joanna are ending their popular show.


Rumors have surfaced that they were unhappy that HGTV would not let them showcase their own furniture products on the show as the network would not allow it as it would clash with advertising partners and HGTV would not receive any revenue from their self-promotion.


Rumors also state that their contract with the network was very restrictive as to any appearance, publicity, or endorsement that the couple were able to make, and if they did make an appearance, the network would take most of the money.


Leaving the show would give them the freedom to make appearances as they please, as well as take the lion’s share of the revenue.



For their last season of “Fixer Upper,” the Gainses are reportedly earning over $30,000 per episode, or more than $540,000 for the whole season. This doesn’t even include the fees collected from the families they help with renovations.


Besides “Fixer Upper,” the couple also have a number of other income streams as well, with the largest being their Magnolia brand. Their Magnolia brand is estimated to be worth more than $5 million and Chip and Joanna each have a net worth of $9 million.


Chip and Joanna also have a Target line of products called Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, a restaurant called Magnolia Table, “The Magnolia Journal” magazine, the Magnolia Market store, a furniture line called Magnolia Home, a bakery, Joanna’s clothing line, and a line of “Fixer Upper” paint.





With all that being said, it is safe to assume that the couple will be just fine as they take a little time off to focus on their family.


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