Christmas Miracle: Girl Awakens From 2-Week Coma; Stunning Doctors With The Power Of Prayer

December 11, 2018

"For the VanDerVeldens, the past year has been their worst year ever. Chrissy has been in and out of the hospital, when she was home, her mother was hospitalized for West Nile virus, and their other daughter, Alexis, has Asperger’s syndrome, so caring for them has been challenging and at times, they felt like they were suffering in silence."

The 17-year-old suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and has spent much of her life in hospitals. This time, she had already been at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for three months. And then Chrissy took a turn for the worse.

They had just transferred hospitals for their daughter. Shortly after Chrissy arrived at the Mayo Clinic, her health took a dramatic downturn. She was in a coma, where she would remain for a long two weeks.

Fox News reports, “When Christina ‘Chrissy’ VanDerVelden fell into a coma, her parents, William and Alaina, both retired Navy veterans, were told to prepare for the worst, so they started praying for a Christmas miracle.”

That miracle came on December 5th.

With thousands of people all over the world praying for Chrissy, it’s no wonder that the miracle came in this form.

“When Chrissy’s parents went to see her…the nurses told them they have a surprise! Chrissy was awake! Her eyes were open, she grabs your hand and she is trying to communicate. She can answer questions by nodding her head yes or no…Our Christmas Miracle is happening!

"She still has a long road ahead,” their GoFundMe page read. “Please keep sharing, praying, or donating.”

The family has been overwhelmed by the response from friends and strangers, alike.

“Seeing all of the support we are getting, people that don't even know us, visiting, praying, sending cards,” she said. “It's always just the four of us...I'm starting to see that people do care, people have hearts.”

Please continue praying for this remarkable family.

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