Christian Family Adopts Teen After 13 Years of Foster Care

July 19, 2017

Carson Petersen, an 18-year-old from Fresno, California, was officially adopted by the Petersen family in June, finally ending 13 years of foster care.  Tex and Renee Petersen had been his foster parents for three years until his adoption last month.

Carson was only three years old when his mother took her own life and he first began foster care.  From ages eight to eleven Carson was in the care of his biological father, most of which was spent homeless and he re-entered foster care at eleven years old.

While in his early teens Carson says he was headed down the wrong path with drugs and alcohol, but after being put in the care of the Petersen family in 2014 his life started to make a turn for the better. Carson credits the unconditional Christian love of the Petersens for his new direction in life.

The Petersen’s have also adopted two other children, ages two and four, to their family.

According to Carson, many kids still in foster care are losing hope and are at risk of suicide. He encourages them to keep fighting and have faith.