Christmas According to Kids

December 05, 2017

Most of us know the Christmas story, but many of us don't know that Mary, the mother of Jesus, did laundry, or know much about "Bethle-ha-ha-ham," or that one of the King's gifts was a purple hippo.

According to these adorable kids, the above all happened. Southland Christian Church produced the video below where it has taken the Internet by storm for the past couple years. With over 52 million views and over 1.2 million shares, this cute video is definitely one to watch this Christmas.

This short, three-minute video shows young children narrating and voicing the story of Jesus' birth while adults act out the scene in the form of Bible characters and animals.

"Mary is not lying!" one child said to Joseph voicing as the angel, Gabriel. "She, you, are having a baby."

Take a look at the video below! You won't be disappointed.

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