Shots Fired: Multiple People Shot By 'Active Shooter;' 3 People Confirmed Dead

September 06, 2018

According to a local news channel, "," multiple have been shot by what police are calling an "active shooter." The incident took place on Thursday, September 6, outside the Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati near the Fifth Third Bank.

Cincinnati police announced that the situation was secure at around 9:15 a.m., but there were multiple victims still in the area. One victim was located on 5th and Walnut street, and another was inside a nearby Graeter's ice cream shop.

Four injured victims were taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, according to hospital officials. According to "WKRC," there are 3 people dead at this time.

"Terrible shooting incident in the heart of our city this morning," Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld tweeted. "Multiple shot, and tragically there are fatalities. Details still emerging. Pray for our city."

Sittenfeld later tweeted that the gunman had been shot and is in critical condition. He was not dead.

"Update (but still fluid): 5 shot, including shooter, who now being told is in critical but not deceased. Police & Fire doing exemplary job."

What Happened

At this time, there are very little details available. CNN reports that the suspect is in custody. The motive of the shooter is unclear.

Witnesses are coming forward sharing what they experienced. Leonard Cain said that he was headed back towards the bank after shots were fired because he saw a woman walking in. People tried to alert her and get her attention, but she had her headphones in, according to Cain.

"She walked in the door, and he shot her," Cain said.

Cain said that he heard up to 15 gunfire shots. Other witnesses say they fled to the bank's bathroom to hide, and others have said that they saw EMTs arrive with stretchers carrying victims to the ambulance. Zach Fritzhand, who works on the second floor of the Westin hotel building, said that he saw people who were on the stretchers not moving. 

"There was definitely a lot of blood involved," he said. 

We are asking our readers to please keep everyone involved in their thoughts and prayers.