US Coast Guard Rescues Endangered Sea Turtle Trapped in $53 Million of Cocaine

December 21, 2017

The US Coast Guard was making their rounds in a routine sweep of the Gulf of Mexico when they came upon a sight they will never forget.


The USCGC Thetis, a Coast Guard cutter in charge of patrolling the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, was sent out to investigate a suspicious bundle of debris floating in the Gulf of Mexico.



As they approached the floating mass, they saw that it was multiple floating bales of drugs.


Upon further investigation of the bales, they noticed a loggerhead turtle tangled up in the ropes holding the bales together.


The turtle had been trapped for a few days. “(The turtle had) significant chafing from the lines on his neck and flippers,” said Coast Guard Ensign Mark Krebs, the mission commander.



Crew members used knives to cut the ropes wrapped around the turtle to free it. More than 75 feet of rope was removed from the debris pile, as well as more than $53 million worth of cocaine in the floating bales.


The loggerhead sea turtle is listed as a vulnerable species and is the world’s largest hard-shelled turtle. It can weigh anywhere between 180-440 pounds. However, one such turtle was reported to weigh 1,202 pounds.


Man-made objects, like fishing nets and ropes, as in this case, are the biggest threats to sea turtles. Floating trash and debris are also very dangerous to sea turtles and other sea animals.


It’s a good thing the Coast Guard was able to rescue this turtle, all while keeping $53 million of drugs off the streets.


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