Coffee Tips for the Perfect Morning Brew

August 04, 2017

If you find yourself acting like a dragon in the morning before you’ve sipped your first cup of coffee, you’re not the only one. In fact, if you’re anything like me, a good cup of coffee is better than an alarm clock for waking you up in the morning.

If coffee is that essential in your life, it’s worth investing in some good products to make it. The right machine or coffee beans can have a major impact on the flavor of your brew. Below are some tips that could improve your cup o’ joe.

The most important step for upping your coffee game is to stop buying the pre-ground beans. As soon as the beans are ground, they start to lose that ‘fresh’ flavor that everyone looks for in a good cup.

Instead of buying the pre-ground beans, buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Even a cheap coffee grinder will produce better and fresher flavor.

With that being said, a good coffee grinder can substantially improve the flavor and smoothness of your coffee. The type of grinder that will produce the best cup is a conical burr grinder.

Grinders like the Baratza Encore grinder might seem a little spendy, but they’ll last much longer than others and create a better grind.

If that is a little out of your range, you can try a manual grinder or a cheaper electric grinder. Any of these grinders will produce a better tasting coffee than pre-ground beans.

It can be impossible to know exactly which coffee to buy. There are so many options available and the taste differences can be subtle, but buying the right coffee can make or break a good cup.

For starters, it’s probably a good idea to avoid pre-packaged coffees in the grocery store, especially coffees that are packaged in plastic containers. Coffee is naturally oily and a lot of those good oils disappear when you package them.

Buying bulk at the grocery store is a good option. This allows you to see how oily the coffee is and see the color. Try starting with a lighter roast coffee to see if you like the flavor. Vienna roasts are usually a good bet.

Of course, if you have a local roastery or a coffee shop whose beans you love, buy those. Beans from local roasters are often fresher and you can try a different variety than what is available in stores.

This can be one of the most important steps of the coffee brewing process. There are a lot of options to choose from, from the one-button Keurig to much more complicated methods. Do plenty of research to figure out what will be best for you.

The Keurig is always an option for the on-the-go coffee drinker. This method, however, doesn’t allow you to improve the taste of your coffee--it will come out essentially the same every time. While it is convenient, it doesn’t necessarily produce the best-tasting cup.

One method that is fast, but also allows you to perfect your cup is the Aeropress. This device forces hot water through the coffee grounds and straight into your cup. This method is much cheaper and faster than many of the alternatives.

Another method is the french press. Again, it is fairly cheap and only takes a little longer than the Aeropress to brew. If you’re a beginner to brewing your own cup of coffee, this might be a good option because it is easily customizable so you can figure out exactly what you like.

Some other options for coffee brewing are the pour over, the Techniform, and vacuum pots. Each of these has their own tricks to make the perfect cup, so definitely do research before you commit to one of them.

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