11 Killed, Including 4 Children, Others Missing In Tragic Overnight Landslide Caused By Heavy Rainfall

October 11, 2018

There has been some tragic news that has come in overnight. 11 people have died from a landslide that was caused by heavy rainfall. Four children were included in the death toll, and many are still missing, according to reports.

At this time, we are asking our readers to keep everyone involved in their thoughts and prayers. We pray that the ones that are missing are found alive. Our hearts go out the families that lost their loved ones, especially their children.

On Thursday, October 11, at around 2:30 a.m. local time, a landslide sent part of a hillside onto multiple homes, killing nearly a dozen people and leaving an unspecified amount of people missing, according to "Reuters."


11 people, including four children, have died in the central Colombian town of Marquetalia. Four injured people have been rescued, but their condition was not readily available.



"The official information of what occurred in Marquetalia is of 11 people dead, the number of the missing is still not exact and the terrain is being evaluated for a preventative evacuation of families," the Caldas province disaster relief agency said.



According to reports, the national disaster relief agency had to temporarily suspend their search and rescue operation due to the poor weather and continued rain.



There are no additional details available at this time. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers. We pray that others are found alive!