Company Recalls 38,000 Frozen Vegetable Bags After Woman Found Half a Rat Inside

February 05, 2018

Pat Bateman, 60, was spending time with her 2-year-old granddaughter one day when she noticed a rodent inside a bag of frozen vegetables.

"I had just finished up feeding my granddaughter lunch when I went to put the packet back in the freezer," Pat, who lives with her husband Dave in England, told The Sun.


The following day she returned to Aldi's where she purchased the vegetables. The store manager refunded her about $42 off her next visit and promised to investigate the situation.


“I didn’t think he had taken it very seriously so I went home, took some pictures and sent it off to Aldi’s head office," she said.

Pat felt this amount wasn't enough, so she contacted Aldi's headquarters in Germany and they gave her nearly $700.


Pat, a grandmother of five, refused to accept any money. She quickly discovered that there were several other complaints about remnants of rodents that have been found in these bags.


“It was nearly empty, so that’s why I spotted something that looked out of place in the bottom of the bag," Pat said. "I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled it out. It just looked like half a rat. It had fur on it. I showed my husband, and because it was frozen we left it to defrost before taking another look at it."


After Pat and her granddaughter ate from the bag, the two ended up getting sick. After several other complaints, the supermarket chain recalled nearly 40,000 bags that were produced by Agrifreez. All frozen vegetables produced by Agrifreez have been pulled from the shelf. The recall began January 5, 2018.



Did you purchase any of these? If so, you can contact Aldi for a refund here. Please share this to inform your family and friends. In other news, an 88-year-old Walmart greeter was fired after he let in an “fowl” intruder. Check out the story here!

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