Costco Secrets to Help You Get the Best Deals This Christmas

November 28, 2017

Costco is always an incredible place to shop. You can get incredible deals on everyday items. There’s a reason 90.3 million people are willing to pay the yearly membership fees.

Even with those incredible steals, there are ways you can shop at Costco that will help you save even more money. Check out these things to keep an eye out for when you shop at Costco. Some of them might help you save quite a bit on your next trip.

1. Pay attention to price adjustments

If you buy an item that gets marked down two weeks later, you don’t have to worry about returning it and rebuying it. Costco offers price adjustments within two weeks. This can be especially good for items during the holiday season, as items often get marked down near Christmas.

2. Know their pricing codes

All stores have their own pricing codes that they use for their systems. Knowing these codes can help you figure out if an item is final sale, a special mark, or any other deal.

Prices that end in $.97 were marked down from their original prices. Odd pricing, like $.49, $.89, or $.99 usually mean that it is the item’s regular price. An asterisk in the upper right corner means that it won’t be reordered. So if your favorite brand of pretzels has an asterisk, it might be worth stocking up. Prices that end in $.88 or $.00 usually mean that they marked it down to move the product faster. This might mean that they have too much and need to make space.

3. Keep an eye out for coupons

Costco is known for their low-priced items to begin with, but it’s always worth checking to see if there are any special deals on items you might want. Most cashiers at Costco will scan the coupons for you when you buy a qualifying item, but it’s always worth knowing just in case they forget.

4. Buy the Kirkland brand

Often at grocery stores, it’s good to avoid buying the store’s in-house brand of products. At Walmart, for example, you can usually tell that the products won’t be as good as the branded products. However at Costco, the Kirkland brand is usually just as good as the on-brand items. Bacon, batteries, toilet paper, and ice cream are some of the best products.

5. Keep your receipts

There are tons of great reasons to keep your receipts from Costco. I already mentioned the great price adjustments you can get if you bring your receipt back in. But Costco also has an incredible return policy. For most Costco products, there is no time limit on their return policy. On many of their electronics, though, there is a 90-day limit, which is still much better than many other stores.

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