What REALLY Went On At Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin's Court Appearances? Sketch Artist Drawings Reveal All

March 15, 2019

When TV stars Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman made their first court appearances to answer charges in the now-infamous college admissions scandal, the two made polar opposite impressions.

That’s according to court sketch artist Mona Shafer Edwards who was assigned to render drawings of the proceedings. No cameras were to be allowed in the courtroom so her sketches are the only visual insight as to what was happening.

According to Fox News, “Edwards’ colorful sketches of actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman facing the judge for their alleged involvement in a massive college admissions scandal quickly spread throughout social media.”


The freelance sketch artist said she was committed to providing accurate portrayals, even though many of her subjects were well-known.

“One of her illustrations showed a weary-looking Huffman, 56, who was awoken Tuesday by seven FBI agents, with guns drawn, at the family home she shares with William H. Macy and taken into custody. In court, the fallen star was shrinking in her seat behind her fellow defendants.”

But Loughlin was another story. The ‘Fuller House’ star came across completely differently, and Edwards wonders if her attitude might hurt her in the long run.

“Unlike Huffman, Loughlin had the luxury of negotiating her surrender and appeared in court with full hair and makeup done, along with a defiant look.

“While sitting, the…star had her arms crossed and they stayed that way the whole time.”

Edwards admits that she was a little worried about how her sketch of Loughlin turned out, thinking it was perhaps too “stern.” But then, she reconsidered.

“I was thinking I made her too stern," she said. "But that’s what she looked like. There’s this thin line about whether I want to please the public and draw something [they’d like to see] or draw something warts and all and I chose [the latter].”


Edwards points out the difference in the demeanors might have something to do with how each of them arrived in court. Huffman was awakened early in the morning and dragged into court by armed agents. She had no time to spruce herself up.


That may have played into what looked like a visible lack of confidence.

Loughlin on the other hand, was in Canada when the charges came down. She was allowed to turn herself in after returning to the U.S. - after taking time to do hair and makeup.

While Laughlin looked every inch the part of the Hollywood star, Huffman looked just like a middle-aged housewife who had no idea what was happening.


Only time will tell if the roles hold for the next court appearance in Boston.

“Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were out in $1 million bonds respectively after allegedly paying $500,000 in bribes to have their two daughters designated as recruits for the University of Southern California’s crew team, despite the fact that neither of them participated in the sport.


“Huffman, meanwhile, was released on $250,000 bond after allegedly paying $15,000 disguised as a charitable donation so that her daughter could take part in a somewhat rigged college entrance-exam."

Her husband, actor William H. Macy has not been charged - but he got his sketch done anyway!

“More than four dozen people have been charged in the nationwide scam, which is alleged to have placed students in top-tier schools like Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, the University of Southern California, UCLA and the University of Texas.


“A federal investigation into the matter – dubbed ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ – has been ongoing for more than a year.”

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